• Quality equipment
  • Warm welcome
  • Unique experience

  • Open 7 days a week from March until November
  • Independent and self guided kayak hire
  • Guided tours upon request (Minimum 8 people)

  • Proximity to En-Vau / Port-Pin
  • Eco friendly activity
  • Reception area of 85 square meters


Discovering the Calanques a Different Way

Departing from the centre of Cassis, the prettiest calanques are only a few strokes away.

By kayak, after 1 hour of paddling, the calanques of En-Vau and Port-Pin will appear, giving you a chance to admire the wonderful wildlife, turquoise water and other beauties, which make the calanques and the national parc so famous.

Gorgeous views, in land as well as marine of the mediterranean Provence,  the calanques are known worldwide for their landscapes, their remarquable biodiversity and cultural heritage.

Alone, with friends or as a family, kayaking caters for all different kind of profils.   

Discover the calanques a different way,

Romain, Vincent and Alex

Discovering the Calanques a Different Way
Discovering the Calanques a Different Way

Calanque Port-Pin

45 minutes Kayak

The calanque of Port-Pin is incredibly charming, its turquoise water and its beach just make you want to jump in for a swim. From dawn, the colours take over the calanque and the lagoon like colours start appearing.


Calanque En-Vau

45 minutes Kayak

The calanque En-Vau is the national parc gem. Grandiose, its contrasted couleurs, high cliffs and its stoney beach make it the cliché calanque postcard.


Calanque l'Oule

1h15 Kayak

The calanque L'Oule, "the cauldron" in Provençal, is only accessible by sea. It doesn't have a beach but is made of cracks in the cliffs with one of them being the entrance to the cave. The Cave L'Oule is well-known by kayakists.


L'Arène Beach

20 minutes Kayak

This beach is a real beauty located just under the cap Canaille. Wild and less visited than the calanques, watch the sunset on the cap Canaille reflecting incredible flamming colours.



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