Calanque l'Oule

Its cliffs, its colours, its cave

The calanque l’Oule is located in between the calanque Devenson (west side) and the calanque En-vau (east side).

Its name comes from the Provençal "Oulo" meaning "cauldron". The cliffs that surround it go up to 70 meters, make it look very abrupt, it is only accessible by sea or rockclimbing.

A reputable place for those who practice sea kayaking and who can sneak in the small crack to admire the beautiful and surprising colours reflected by the sun! This calanque of Marseille is for people who are in good physical condition. It is not accessible if the weather conditions are not optimal.

Come and discover the secrets of this calanque which doesn't look like any of the others. You will find not beach, no lagoon, but a fabulous cave.

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