Kayak hire - Cassis and Marseille
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LOKAYAK Booking strongly advise
Booking strongly advise

We try to handle as many calls as possible. If we do not answer, please feel free to call several times, especially in high season. Please avoid leaving voice messages.

LOKAYAK By car and shuttle bus
By car and shuttle bus

  • Tip: Shuttle bus from the Gorguettes parking lot:
  • Gorguettes car-park shuttle bus

Park for free at Gorguettes car park; the shuttle going towards “rond-point  Casino” will take you to the centre for only € 1.60 return ticket per person. You will find yourself close to the meeting point

Check-out: Shuttle bus timetable

  • Parking in Cassis centre

Parking in the centre is almost impossible during high season, weekends, or bank holidays, so you had better pay and use Mimosas or Madie car parks, 5-10 mn away from the meeting point.

LOKAYAK By train and bus
By train and bus

At Cassis train station, take the Marcouline bus towards the city centre.

For further information:

Train timetable 
into-town buses timetable 
Cassis-center buses timetable