Kayak hire - Cassis and Marseille
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About 1 hour of paddling in average to reach En-Vau. It takes about the same time to come back at the starting point.

Some average time from our start to reach the destinations :

Grande Mer beach => Port Miou : 30 minutes

Grande Mer beach => Port-Pin/ En-vau  : 1 hour

Grande Mer beach => L'Oule : 1h 20

Port-Pin => En-Vau : 20 minutes

En-Vau beach => Oule cave : 30 minutes

Warnin! These trip times are indicative and depend on different factors : weather conditions, kayak type, athletic conditions... Favor morning starts or end of afternoon ones to "usually" enjoy better weather conditions.

The distance to reach En-Vau or Port-Pin is 4 kilometers minimum. This activity is athletic but still suitable for all. 

You also have to take in account the heat, hydrate oftenly and plan a snack.

Yes, dogs are authorized on our kayaks, on the other hand you'll have to take in account the weight of your dog and your favorite companion has to be hold on a leash anywhere in the National Park. 

Nothing mandatory here, it doesn't really matter for kayaking. On the other hand in the Calanques there'are only rocks everywhere, so we strongly recommend to have something to walk around with safely (thongs, birkenstocks and slippers are bad ideas). 

Our whole navigating area is accessible without reservation. There is only one Calanque that must be reserved. This Calanque is Sugition, which is in Marseille and not accessible from our starting point. 

We offer two activities : 

  • - Autonomous trips : Mandatory briefing before every trips. Our team will explain you the trip, safety rules, environment protection rules.

  • - Guided tours: The guide takes his group to the best places in the National Park of the Calanques. During the tour, the guide will tell you about the park (geology, history...).

No ! You are alone on the water therefore we want to know exactly when everybody is coming back.

We monitor daily the weather forecasts and we also monitor the actual conditions several times a day. We try to let you know 24 hours prior to your activity if we have to cancel it. Neithertheless our activity is completly subject to the weather forecasts and actual conditions . If we witness an evolution of the weather that we think dangerous we can cancel all trips anytime until the last minute.

In the event of a weather related cancellation of your trip by our services, we will refund you any amount you have already paid us.