Maps and rules

Main safety rules:


      • You must wear your lifejack
      • You must know how to swm 25 meters without any buoyancy help
      • Paddle within the 300 meter zone
      • Mustn't be pregnant
      • Age minimum 6 years old
      • Bring a fully charge mobile phone
      • Bring a minimum of 1Litre of water per person and a snack
      • Protection against the sun
      • Wear closed toe shoes

Note that the people in charge can decide to cancel your booking and departure at any time for your safety.  You can read the rest of the regulations in the CSV

Main rules & regulations to follow in the calanques:

Le Parc national des Calanques is a national heritage. To keep this place unique, we must all adopt an eco friendly way of being.

Snippet of the rules stated by the Parc national:
It is forbidden to:

      • Cause damagy to the heritage: pick out, input any animal and vegetal species...
      • Feed the marine wildlife
      • Leave litter.
      • Loud noise.
      • Put/Drag the kayaks on the rocks
      • Start a fire, smoke within the Parc national territory



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