Kayak hire - Cassis and Marseille
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Most of our equipment is from the brand "Rotomod". This French made brand has been designing canoes/kayaks for over 40 years. Our kayaks, vests and paddles are adapted to all profiles and will allow you to visit the exceptional site of the Calanques of Cassis/Marseille in the best conditions.

Kayak RTM Single seat
  Max load: 90 kilos
 Suitable for 1 adult
  Kayak RTM Two seats
 Max load: 180 kilos
  Suitable up to 2 adults
  Kayak RTM Three seaters
Max load: 210 kilos
  Suitable up to 3 adults/ 2 adults + 2 young kids
  Paddle RTM/TNP
  200 cm / 210 cm/ 220 cm
  1 paddle per person
 Life vest DAG
Kids Sizes/S-M/M-L/XL
  1 life vest per person
  Waterproof containers /Waterproof bagsRTM
  24 litres
  Transport/protection of your belongings
  Backrest Aquadesign/RTM
Rentable 4 euros each